Meghann Van Dorn is an interior designer based in the Boston area. She earned her BA in English Lit. from Hobart & William Smith Colleges and her MA in Interior Design from Marymount University. After graduating with her masters, she spent several years designing commercial interiors at acclaimed architecture & designs firms in both Washington, DC and Boston, MA. In 2014, Meghann launched MVD Interiors, a boutique firm that has tackled everything from commercial office spaces to small residential projects.

In all her projects, Meghann strives to help her clients create a timeless and unique space that blends a myriad of styles into a cohesive whole. She is a firm believer that good design doesn't have to be exorbitantly expensive and that the best spaces are the ones that reflect the history, spirit and passions of the people living and working in them. Every project she works on involves at least one trip to a flea market, antique shop or thrift store and don't get her started on the treasure trove known as Craig's list because she'll never stop. (Ever.)

Meghann decided to start A House On the Hill because she's never been good at keeping a secret. Whether it's her newest beauty or fashion discovery, a new, to-die-for Craig's List or thrift store find, or where things stand on the renovation of their 100-year-old Victorian, she feels compelled to tell pretty much everyone she comes into contact with  all about it  (an "air of mystery" is a trait that she'll likely never possess). This blog is her way of sparing her friends from a constant stream of, "Guess what, you'll never guess, no guess, no wait, I'll just tell you...".

She works and lives just south of Boston in Milton with her husband and their two young children.