Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You Don't Bring Me Flowers (thanks for that! )

I love flowers, I really do. It's just that I don't love them all that much on Valentine's Day. On my birthday? Yes. Anniversary? Sure. But the one day a year when the price gauging is so sharp that my loved one could cut himself on the bill? And when they're generally accompanied by a box full of chocolates that I'll spend all day surreptitiously eating while simultaneously feeling huge waves of guilt? Um, no thanks.

But just because I'm not into the idea of flowers doesn't mean that I discourage the idea of something for Valentine's Day. I mean, I'll take a gift if it's offered (hell, I'll take a gift if it's vaguely suggested), it's just that I'd rather the money be spent on something that will make me think of my sweetheart every time I use it rather than one that will make me think of him while I dump the wilted petals into the trash can on top of yesterday's coffee grinds. See my point?

So ... here's a list of things that I think anyone (read: me) would love to get for Valentine's Day (read: that means you, Mr. MVD) in lieu of traditional flowers. If you've got a significant other who needs an original idea (or you're looking for one yourself) and you think a dozen red roses from the grocery store is less than the height of romance, one of these items (ranging in price from $50-100) might be just the ticket...

My mother gave me one of these years ago (I think I was still in high school) and it ranks up there with my favorite gifts of all time -- not too big, not too small and the perfect mix of nylon and boar bristles makes for super soft and shiny hair. It lived in my bag for years until a certain someone -- less than three feet tall who shall remain nameless -- dumped out my bag and lost it.


I adore this set. Not only does it include some of my childhood favorites, it's wrapped up in a package as pretty as, well, flowers.


I've been hoping for this set for ages but every time my husband tries to get order it, it's sold out in the colorway that I want (black). I'm starting to fall for this ivory color though...

I've been wearing a chain with a couple of meaningful charms/mementos around my neck lately. I love how it looks and the simple way it reminds me of what's most important in my little corner of the world. I think the message in this one (also available here with free two-day shipping if you're in a rush and have Prime) is such a wonderful expression of what we are all capable of.


We're heading to Florida for some R&R in less than two weeks (woot!) so I have sunnies on the brain. The NYT highlighted these last Sunday and Jenna Lyons says they're incredibly flattering. Whatever she says is gospel in my book so Y-E-S.


I passed up a gorgeous brass planter at a flea market last year and have regretted it ever since. This one -- a perfect mix of vintage vibe and modern glam -- would help me forget about that lost treasure (especially with a nice bottle of champagne sticking out of the top).


Original art ranks up there among my favorite gifts; there are so just many amazing artists with unique perspectives on the world. I've been taken with the work of John Shanabrook  for quite a while (I included him in this round-up back in 2014 and have been thinking about his work ever since) and am totally smitten with this little painting; it reminds me so much of Cape sunsets (this one of a dawn shoreline is another favorite).


I hope that these have gotten your gift-giving (or, let's be honest, getting) juices flowing!


  1. This is one of the very few gift guides that could be copied and pasted as-is and shipped off to the mister! Only thing to add is a Heartstagram of my furry little canine oinker --

  2. Ooh, good idea Jess! I'm socking that away for the next gift guide I do!