Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thrifted Thursday // Steel Console Table

All hail the console table. Think of them as the Little Black Dress of interiors; when done right, they'll elevate any space with a combination of form, function and an overall sense of cohesion. But finding a good console table -- one with the right proportions and scale for *your* particular space -- can be like finding a needle in a haystack. I have a couple of well-priced favorites that I often suggest to clients ( this one is a great buy if the size works ) but finding a great console table at a fabulous price is kind of like finding the holy grail.

Enter this week's Thrifted Thursday. At $195, this steel & glass Vanguard piece is a total steal (might offer $150 since the seller seems to be trying to unload quite a bit before a move). It's got lines that will work in either a modern or vintage setting and a silhouette to die for. Styled with a few vignettes of books, flowers and objet d'arts (add some brass to soften the overall look), it would be a real showstopper.

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