Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Take A Few Years Off (for $16)

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So I'll be brutally honest: the ages of 37 & 38 haven't been kind to my face. At all. Over the course of the past year, I've gone from having (kind of) cute little laugh lines to having something akin of Godzilla's wrinkles ... I kid you not. I've always been one of those people who's only worn make-up for "big events" ... my mom didn't start wearing make-up until she was almost 60 and even then she really didn't need it (she's in her 70s now and her youthful looks would still blow your socks off; yet another reason why everyone should request Slavic genes given the chance) so I didn't grow up with someone showing me the make-up routine ropes. I, however, seem to have inherited my father's early-aging genes so over the past two years, I've started to invest in make-up (and spending the time to really learn how to use it). I'm hoping that some of the damage is reversible; that now that we're moved and  are relatively settled in I can sleep better at night and can snooze away some of the under-eye circles. But some of it's going to be hard -- if not impossible -- to get rid of.

I've made some appointments with an esthetician and have been eyeing this device (I'm leaning towards making the investment but would love to hear from anyone who's already tried it ou!) but in the meantime, I did bump into a kind of genius little product completely by accident that I thought needed to be shared. My hubby and I were scheduled for our annual "BIG DATE NIGHT" when we get all gussied up right before the holidays, head out on the town and get a few hours to feel more "adult" than "parent". Except that I was all out of my regular concealer and eye shadow and I wasn't about to head to the local mall during a weekend holiday rush (shudder). So while on a Target run for toilet paper and Ziploc bags (which I'm sure makes my life seem utterly thrilling), I picked up the Pixi Crayon in Wide Awake on a whim.

Holy crap guys, this thing is awesome! I took a peek at this video after purchasing it and was able to copy their technique immediately. I've have been blown away how much more rested I look on mornings when I need a little help (I mostly use the brightener since I'm such a huge fan of this concealer). Do I look 23 again? No, but I don't look haggard either. And that my friends? Is WINNING.

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