Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to // Hang a Christmas Wreath Inside Your Window

Please ignore the less-than-stellar images (and that sad little plant)... my phone and camera were both acting up. And apparently watering my plants is too much for me.
I was feeling a little guilty after writing yesterday's bah humbug post (although you have to admit that the pics were great eye candy) so I decided to get into the car, turn on some Christmas carols and. get. in. the. effing. spirit, dammit. I was going to get my decoration on if it killed me.

I already had my wreaths on hand -- I'm a hard-core lover of boxwood wreaths and have been since childhood -- and after stumbling upon the miracle that is a 22" version for $9.99 at Trader Joe's a couple of years ago, I now run over the week before Thanksgiving when they get in their shipments of wreaths and stock up because that price is almost 70% less than they cost anywhere else (and the stock doesn't last). So I went crazy last week and bought four just because I could and then put them in the garage and waited for inspiration.

After perusing Pinterest for far too long yesterday, I had an idea of how I wanted to divvy them up: one for the front door and three for the living room windows looking over our street. But I needed to figure out a way to hang them and still ensure that we had some privacy at night. We couldn't hang them from the window itself (like this) because then we wouldn't be able to close the bamboo blinds. And we couldn't hang them from the curtain rods (like this) because then we wouldn't be able to close the curtains that we'll be hanging in the next week or  so so I opted to go with hanging them from the window frame itself so they'd sit proud of the bamboo blinds but the curtains would still be able to slide past them.

So I headed out to Michael's and selected two spools of black ribbon with a sweet little white edge stitch (on sale for $1.50/each) and then hit up Target for some push pins (roughly $.99), I headed home and pulled the wreaths out of the garage and gathered all the supplies I needed to hang them:
  • Wreaths: Most sizes will work but I  love the impact of wreaths ranging from 18-22"
  • Ribbon: Preferably grosgrain but definitely nothing with wire or they won't hang correctly. My spools were 2.5 inches wide and each one was 4 yards long. I ended up using 1.5 spools for the three interior wreaths.
  • Push pins: I highly suggest getting clear ones since they'll disappear from view
  • Scissors
 I knew that I wanted them to hang so that the top of the wreath would sit at roughly the middle of the top sash so I took one wreath and figured out the length I wanted, making sure that I chose a length that was longer than necessary. Then I cut all three lengths of ribbon to the same length. FYI: the top of our window frames are 92" off the floor and I cut each length to 1.8 yards.


After that, it was a matter of "threading" the wreath with the ribbon...


... and folding the cut edges over themselves like this...


... because this increases the hanging strength of the ribbon overall and ensures that there aren't any unsightly unfinished edges peeking out.

After that it was a matter of centering each ribbon on each window, placing the back of the ribbon where the wall meets the frame and pushing in the pins. In order to give the ribbon as much weight-hefting ability as possible, I placed two push pins on either side of the ribbon at the back (where the frame and wall meet) and centered another towards the front of the frame. Here's an idea of what I mean minus the wall and the window of course...


Voila; done!


We're still trying to decide if we should add some of these battery-operated fairy lights to each one (I added them to our exterior wreath and I just love it) but for the time- being, we're loving the way they make the room feel festive without making it feel fussy. If you do opt for the fairy lights, be sure to choose a "warm" or "soft" LED option; the "cool" version is waayyyyyyyy bright and really blue.

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