Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Little Something Special


While we were on the Cape for Thanksgiving, a family friend introduced me to  Belle de Brillet, a French liqueur made from a mix of cognac and Poire William. She served it simply, just a jigger full in a low ball over ice. I was skeptical -- barring a couple of outliers I'm primarily a vodka & soda girl -- but Oh. My. God.

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The taste is all the best parts of the pear (without being overly sweet) combined with all the warm and cozy fuzzies you get from cognac and an additional hint of ginger (I think; it's a trade secret); it's the perfect night cap when it's cold outside and sipping it made me want to cozy up in front of a roaring fire à la Andie McDowell in St. Elmo's Fire. It's definitely not an every night kind of thing but for trimming the tree, to have on hand as a digestif for guests coming for dinner or to stay or to give as a gift to that friend who has everything? It's perfect.

I was able to find it relatively easily (any upscale liquor shop should have it if you're in an urban-ish locale) and it's not crazy-expensive at around $45. I've only had it on the rocks thus far but I've been told that it's delicious in a champagne cocktail. I was intrigued (although that sort of stuff is WAY out of my comfort zone) and tracked down this recipe. Let me know if you give it a whirl!

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