Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Vintage Chrome Coffee Table

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***Before I start, I wanted to send out a PSA: Remember to keep the left-over Halloween candy out of reach of pets and to scour your lawn for any remnants accidentally scattered by trick-or-treaters!!!

Why am I reminding you of this? Well, our dog Penny had been lethargic for a couple of days so we took her to the vet to have her checked out. Turns out that she was in acute kidney failure. While we're not sure of the cause, it's highly possible that she got into some candy ... perhaps some left on our lawn. She's got a very good prognosis -- she'll be spending the next couple of days hooked up to an IV at the vet's office to get her re-hydrated and to flush out the toxins -- but she was very close to being out of reach and the cost of her care as akin to the four of us flying to the Caribbean for the day ... over Christmas. So take my advice and give your entire home a double-check if you've got a furry friend living with you!***

There is very little in a living or family room more important than the coffee table. Part table, part display space and part foot rest, the coffee table is the center of the room on many levels. So regardless of your taste, choose wisely when you're selecting a new one. It shouldn't be the afterthought that you haphazardly select after you've spent months choosing your upholstered pieces. In short: DO NOT CHINTZ OUT. Contrary to popular belief, that isn't synonymous with "spend a ton of money". What it means is that your choice needs to be considered. It needs to have good form with lots of function. It needs to be long enough to work with your sofa (a good rule of thumb is that your coffee table should be at least 40% of the length of your sofa so that more sofa-sitters can use it at any given time), it needs to have a height that's roughly in line with the seat height of your sofa and its  lines need to be classic enough to endure over time.

Okay, now that we've got that straight, let's talk about this week's Thrifted Thursday. Which is, incidentally, a great example of a fabulously-cool, perfectly-proportioned, classically-lined coffee table at the *very* affordable price of $95.
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Not too masculine, not too feminine with wonderfully-clean lines (so convenient when vacuuming) and a great juxtaposition between the light frame with the moody smoked glass. This puppy is practically screaming to be styled -- here's a great tutorial on how to go about doing it -- and would look so chic when done. If I hadn't purchased and stored another coffee table for almost three years before bringing it into our living room last week, I would be giving this one a good hard think.


  1. Omgosh! So sorry to hear about lady penny! :'( As city dwellers, this is an every day risk with all the dangerous $%&#@ people discard on the sidewalks (chicken bones, things with chocolate, *illicit drugs that still contain active doses*...). Glad you got her to the vet in time and that she's on the mend! <3

  2. Thanks Jess! She's doing *so* much better tonight after a full day on an antibiotic IV drip; so great to see her acting more like her typical peppy border-collie-mix self. But boy, do I ever hear you about the nasty stuff people leave on the street. It drives me nuts because it seems like there's always bin roughly 3 feet away too!