Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Perfect Fall Centerpiece

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Ours was full of costume parades, parties, trick-or-treating and candy followed closely by temper tantrums, colds -- fall is here, folks, and the Van Dorn sinuses are going to announce it in all their annoying glory for the next six months -- and our oldest learning how to ride his two-wheeler(!). It was a big weekend and I think it will take most of their candy and the rest of the week for me to recover.

Now that Halloween is officially behind us, my mind is already turning towards the Thanksgiving. I'm not in full panic-mode since we're not hosting (if you had in-laws who cook like my in-laws, you'd understand why I'm not bereft at the thought of not being able to host) but I do like my home to reflect the season we're in. Especially when we're still finishing up the moving-in process. Which reminds me that I need to ask for some inpiut: how does one get over the fear of disaster when hanging art on plaster walls? I mean, I grew up with ancient plaster walls but when I try to do it in this house, I start to sweat every time the hammer starts to ever-so-gently tap in a nail. But I digress...

I love a good centerpiece and now that we have an honest-to-goodness dining room that can be seen from both the living room and kitchen, I'm determined to have something that brings the season into our home without involving a dancing turkey or a blinking Rudolph. With that said, I'm no floral designer; my idea of a good centerpiece generally involves either a cool container and a bevvy of those super-affordable orchids from TJ's and some moss ... or a just-add-water bouquet from the shop. But I'm determined to learn how to "dress" my thrifted finds a la Eddie Ross so have been scouring Pinterest for the past few days to come up with some inspiration. Here's what I'm thinking...


1. I adore how much presence this has for something so simple (and neutral!) though I'm a little worried about how long that pumpkin would hold up after a couple of days.  

2. Can I get an amen? This arrangement is pretty darn perfect. That gorgeous mix of greenery, the red dahlia, those pheasant FEATHERS?!?! I would love to recreate this (in some sort of vintage container of course) but the fact that I could have it delivered by BloomNation for $75? Kinda makes me just want to order it.
3. I'm loving this; it looks relatively idiot-proof and I think sitting atop a white linen runner with tealights running doing the length of either side, this could be great (bonus: it wouldn't have to be removed during meals because it's so low-profiled.

4. Be still my little thrifting (read: hoarding) heart. This mix of greenery and demi-johns had me at hello and would look gorgeous on our new table.

5. Oh my God, YAAASSS. This is what I'm talking about! Although the chances of me being able to recreate this are slim-to-none. OK, not even slim.

6.Not sure how long this centerpiece would last in our house since our kids are essentially rabid when it comes to apples (we go through 8-10 pounds a week) but I suppose you could swap those out for pine cones pretty easily. I'm definitely filing this one away for our next party.

7.Yeah, the whole antler thing is getting a little over-played but I am loving this centerpiece's very organic mix of bittersweet (I think that's what it is), peach ranunculus, dusty miller and decorative thyme. So fresh. 

8. I might not be a floral designer but I did grow up on a farm so I recognize most of the items (love that crab apple branch) that comprise this piece. It feels like a beautiful collection of things that you'd find on a walk in the woods; such a gorgeous and unique arrangement.

9. I love the mix of delicate and drama queen in this arrangement; those sweet ranunculuses (ranunculi?) and those sexy dahlias had me at hello. Is it really less than $50? Why can't they be in Boston?!?!

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