Wednesday, November 25, 2015

An Early Thrifted Thursday // Vintage Peacock Club Chairs

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I'm sure that everyone's running around like mad today either getting ready for or getting to their Thanksgiving destinations but I just had to share this pair of vintage chairs I found for $60 (maybe offer $40?) because their preppy-chic awesomeness level is off the charts. I mean, those peacocks are EVERYTHING. The print is a mix of two of my absolute favorite fabrics: Schumacher's ever-popular, ever-fabulous Chiang Mai Dragon and Dwell Studio's Vintage Plumes and just has so much life to it. If you're planning a holiday party or hosting  some (*cough* obnoxious *cough*) family members in a few weeks and need something that says, "I. Am. Fabulous," these are just the ticket.
The description says that they've been in storage and need a cleaning (assume $100-150 depending on your location) and potentially a couple of wheels if the originals can't be tracked down but if the upholstery is in good shape (and you're willing to potentially replace some wheels), you'd end up with a pair of showstoppers for just a smidge over $200.  Just imagine how fantastic they'd look flanking a fireplace in a den, placed next to each other (with a jade green ceramic garden stool in between) and across from a neutral sofa in a loving room, or tucked along the wall in an office or study. Love.

Bonus find: if strutting peacocks aren't your thing but you love vintage Persian rugs, this runner  is definitely worth a look at $100; the dimensions would be great in a hallway or kitchen!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. We're doing an early celebration with my brother here in Milton and then heading out to the Cape for an evening feast and a weekend away with my husband's family. I love it out there at this time of year -- so beautiful and calm and cozy. Whatever you're doing, have a safe and happy holiday; hope to see you back here next Tuesday!

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