Wednesday, November 18, 2015

10 Fab Hostess Gifts Under $10


It's that time of year again; the time when you need to show up at someone's house with a thoughtful/pithy/funny/sweet/loving something or other in order to earn the right to shove as much food in your mouth as possible in less than 30 minutes but you're feeling less than flush because you've already started holiday shopping. What to do? Check out this list of awesome & unique hostess gifts under $10; there's something in here for *anyone*:

 1.) Sea Salt Soap - $7.19: This would work for just about anyone and in just about any situation. It's the most "vanilla" item on this list but everyone's going to love it so if you've got several hostess-gift-giving events this year, it might be worth stocking up

2.) Le Rustique Camembert - $5.99 at your local Trader Joe's: We discovered this cheese last year on our trip to France and literally couldn't get enough. When I found it last week at our local TJ's for less than $6.00 I (quite literally) squealed. Pair this with a baguette and you've go an amazing hostess gift for any foodie or Francophile (show up with it at room temperature to get the added "in the know" bonus points).

3.) Bridge & Tunnel Coasters - $5.50: Perfect for anyone who loves NYC; it's the ultimate mix of thoughtful and pithy.

4.) Lucky Horseshoe -$5.00: For anyone who's just moved into a new place.

5.) Regan's Orange Bitters- $9.70: For your bourbon-loving friends and family.

6.) Tufted Owl - $10.00: For your friend with the new baby.

7.) Arrow Ring Holder - $9.95: For your friend who just got engaged.

8.) Rosemary Topiary - $9.99 at your local Trader Joe's: This one works for anyone -- cook, decor enthusiast, Francophile.

9.)Animal Cookie Cutter Set- $2.99: Perfect for anyone with little ones and this price, you could add all the ingredients for some stellar cookies and still clock in at less than $10.

10.) Keychain Bottle Opener - $9.50: For any beer-loving friend (bonus: if you pair it with your favorite six-pack, you'll probably get to enjoy some good brew too).

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