Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Pair of Antique Twin Bed Frames

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One of the things that I don't like about our new house is how small our children's bedrooms currently are. Eventually, if/when we take on the third floor master suite project, the kiddos will move into the two large bedrooms on the second floor and my complaint will be null and void but in the meantime, they're in really small spaces. I'd always dreamed of our daughter having two twin beds in her "big girl" room (my son is determined to have bunk beds so I gave up the ghost on that ages ago) and actually bought a pair of Jenny Lind beds several years ago (my son currently uses one of them) with the thought that they'd be used simultaneously at some point. Ah well, life.

But someone out there has a big room right? And if it's you, I'm here to tell you that you *need* this pair of beds in your life.

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Gahhh, I'm so in love with these it hurts. And the price? $150?? FOR THE PAIR? That's $75/bed for something that's beautiful, well-built, in excellent condition and usually found at a much higher price. Deal of the century people, deal of the century.

These would look fabulous in a little girl's room, a guest room ... heck, even a little boy's room if you've got a dapper dude under your roof. And if you don't have any of those things but you DO have room for a king-sized bed in your master, consider doing something like this with them.

You could definitely paint them like the inspiration image above but based on the pictures, I think that these could probably be left as is (if there are slight scratches, just sand lightly and use some Restor-A-Finish to cover them). Can you imagine how lovely they'd be in all white room with crisp white bedding, fluffy white duvets and a gorgeous antique bureau (scavanged on CL of course) doing double-duty as a bedside table between them?  So beautiful....


  1. Relatively new reader of your blog. Thanks for the post on these beds!! I just went and picked them up and they are even better in person.

    1. I'm *so* glad to hear that someone bought them and I'm thrilled that they're all you were hoping for (feel free to share pictures of how they turn out; I'd love to see them)!

      Thanks so much for following along!