Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Acrylic Chairs

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So ... let's say you've got a small dining room. And you like to entertain and want to be able to host a dinner party for at least six at any time. But you don't want to make your tiny room feel even smaller by adding bulky, heavy chairs to your table. And you want the chairs you choose to be comfortable so people stick around after dinner so you can laugh hysterically whilst playing Cards Against Humanity (read: your butt's going to be there for awhile so no benches;  you need an upholstered seat). It's a conundrum, right? Whelp, not today my friends because these....

acrylic chair
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... are perfect for you. Look at these fabulous lucite beauties! Yes, the upholstery's a little Golden Girls (might I suggest pony hair for your re-upholstery project?) but the bones? They're the shiz. And they're $200. FOR SEVEN.
Boom. Mind. Blown.

You don't have a small dining room you say? You've got a dining room built for twelve (*cough* show off *cough*)? Well then, how about these around a table like this in your game room? Or heck, use them in your office as guest seating. The lines of these things are freaking phenomenal. P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L. Remember when I said that there are times when something pops up on Craig's List and you should buy it even if you don't currently have a place for it because you'll never see it again (and someday, you'll have a place for it)? Well, that day has come; hear the siren call of 80s acrylic in all its potential glory.

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