Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pencil & Paper's Nashville Home

Wow, this week is *killing* me; so much exciting stuff going on (hoping to share some of the good stuff soon) but keeping up with it all is proving to be difficult! I had to find the time to share this house tour though because EHR. MAH. GAWD.

The  One King's Lane tour of Pencil & Paper founders and husband and wife design team Benjamin and Genifer Sohr's home in Nashville has to be one of my favorite tours ever (and I'm a total voyeur so that's saying A LOT). Shall we start with the kitchen?


Perfection.  The mixed metals (do not fear mixed metals!), the shelves, the marble and that La Cornue stove? If it's possible for kitchen appliances to be orgasmic then...


... this one is akin to a 3-dimensional, life-sized poster of Ryan Gosling.  I feel like I need a cigarette.

The living room is all the things: cozy, bright, light and welcoming.


I'm loving all the black interiors that I've been seeing lately. And in a house like this -- clearly flooded with natural light -- it works so well. Like this super-inspiring powder room  (I wish our powder room got more light because I'd be doing something similar) with its moody walls juxtaposed with its bright gallery wall display.


And here's more black used successfully in a third-floor guest room/teen hang-out room. I mean, if you want your kids to come home to hang out, here's how you do it.


Here's the kids' bathroom.  I love the fact that even in a high-end renovation like this one, people use low-cost items. Recognize anything?


Yup, that's the Hemnes/Odenvisk sink . Goes to show that low-cost (high quality) items can work beautifully with more high-end items (that mirror was definitely *not* a bargain)

On to the master bedroom; I love how simple this one is. I often find masters to be a little over-styled;  I have had clients who have hired me because they're too nervous to actually get comfortable in theirs for fear of messing things up! This one feels cozy and comfortable and, most importantly, welcoming.


And finally, here's the master bath. It's abundantly clear that they had fun designing this space: the  funky wallpaper mixed with the traditional tile and lighting? The floating vanity,  the mixed metals (I'll say it again: do not fear mixed metals!) and the mirror in front of the window? All spot-on. If this was my bathroom, I would have a smile on my face walking out the door every day (and I'd probably be much more creative in picking out my clothes and accessories).


Be sure to check out the rest of the tour over on One King's Lane. There are some more gorgeous photos as well as a very tempting dinner party cocktail recipe!

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