Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Best Fall Accessories Under $20

There is something about the start of October that gets me every year. I think it's probably because this is the month when the weather really starts to change; when I can finally break out my favorite sweaters, turn on the heat and turn my attention to "tucking in" the house for the coming winter.

I spend much of September scooping up small accessories that will help me in my quest for cozy and I was in heaven this year; so much great stuff at wonderful price points! This year, I'm all about the modern mix: a little bit old, a little bit new and a touch of glamour so I'm loving all the black and gold elements that the big retailers are highlighting and have been mixing them with natural materials to keep it from feeling '80s cold. You guys? It's pretty. Soooo pretty (and once I hang some art, I promise to share some pics on my instagram account).

Here's a round-up of the best pieces under $20 that I've come across in my hunt for soft-meets-cool acacoutrements...

  1. Gold Wishbone Sculpture -  $9.99
  2. Jute Storage Basket: $19.99
  3. Ceramic Plant Pot: $14.99 (for large size. Smaller size is $11.99)
  4. Wooden Salad Servers: $12.99 (Wouldn't these make such a cute hostess gift?)
  5. Stoneware Vase: $14.99
  6. Mod Metal Planter: $8.00
  7. Wood Bark Coasters:$14.99 
  8. Glass & Metal Pyramid Lantern: $19.99
  9. Hanging Metal Planter: $16.99
  10.  Wooden Hanging Rack: $14.99
  11.  Jack Sculpture:  - $7.99
  12. Ceramic Pitcher: $11.99
  13. Paper Napkins: $2.99
  14. Narwhal Figurines: $2.99 - $6.99
  PS -- Isn't this cool? Not under $20 but still a fantastic deal for something with such a high-end look.

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