Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Little Porch Before & After

If you've been reading this blog for awhile now, you may remember  this post about my desire to have a wicker set for our new front porch. And if you follow me on Instagram, you'll remember when I  shared my excitement over finding this set of Lloyd Flanders wicker on Craig's List for a steal...
I swear, this fabric was somewhere in every friend's house I visited from 1990-1994
It was in fantastic shape (some of the pieces still had their original tags on them) and the $350 price was almost too good to be true considering that it would have cost me over $4000 if I'd purchased the set from a showroom. I had it delivered to the new house for an additional $100 and then promptly sold 3 of the 4 club-style dining chairs included with the set to cover the delivery cost (I use the 4th as extra seating on the porch but the other three were just taking up space in my garage). The sofa & arm chair fit the porch perfectly but the upholstery was straight out of 1993. Yellow and baby blue played prominent roles. In short:  yuck.

I'd just spent some time tracking down outdoor fabric for a screened porch for my in-laws' place on the Cape so I knew just where to go for some fabric for myself at a great price point (I blogged about a few of my favorite discount fabric sources here) I checked in with my upholsterer for the required yardage and picked up some classic outdoor fabric from this seller for $108 including shipping.

I dropped off the cushions a few weeks ago and just got them back on Friday.  I'm in love.

Gah; awful pic! I really need to up my photography skills. I also *really* need to clean our porch floor.
So much better (even with the awful picture; it's raining here today so my dreams of a mini-photoshoot went out the window this AM)! I had her remove the button-tufting from the back cushions and I'm so happy I did; it looks so much more clean and modern.

The labor for the upholstery came to $220 so our total cost was $678; that's less than the price of just one of the small club-style dining chairs!

A close-up of the cushions. Don't mind our dog Penny scoping the squirrel scene. And sitting on the couch when she's not supposed to.
And isn't that Moroccan tea table (that's my guesstimate as to what it is; the seller had no idea) gorgeous? I picked it up on a trip to Tod's Farm last weekend for just $25!!!! I just love the lines, the storage (both sides of the top flip up) and the smaller scale is perfect for the space.

I can hardly wait for next spring when I can find some throw pillows and a rug to liven it up a bit...


  1. It looks great!! I especially love that tea table!!

    1. Thanks Diana! I know ... I almost died when I saw it! Picture a slow-motion sprint through many people and you'll have some idea of how it looked as I tried to get to it before a couple of buyers who were shadowing us...