Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Currently Coveting // Palo Santo Sticks

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When we moved into the new house it had a distinct smell throughout: dust, old medicines & ointments and a faint scent of ancient Shalimar. It came as no surprise -- the woman we bought the home from was older and had been here for almost four decades. What did come as a surprise is how hard it was to get rid of that smell. We did everything: had the floors redone, had the house cleaned, (are still having) the house painted from top to bottom, lit candles and used my favorite essential oil liberally. It helped ... but that scent still lived inside every cupboard, closet, nook and cranny. And it made for a very odd feeling; like the place wasn't really ours yet. Like we were just renting the place for a week. And that's not exactly what we were hoping for when trying to get everyon acclimated to the change.

So I did a little research (side note: how did we all live before the advent of Pinterest?) and found several links to a something called "Palo Santo" which was supposed to cleanse and "de-stress" a home in several ways.

That was enough for me; I ordered a package of sticks and as soon as they arrived, I lit one end for about 20 seconds, waved it around until it burned out (about 20 seconds) and popped the whole thing an old clam shell filled with coarse sea salt so that it could stand upright ( I really want to order one of these though; so cool). The smell was amazing -- especially at the start of fall: it's like the best kind of campfire ... with some underlying scents that I couldn't place (but Cup of Jo says are cedar and citrus).  Within a couple of minutes, the whole house felt a little more calm. And clean. And ours.


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