Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Antique Pine Armoire

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I'm going to preface this whole post by stating what is probably pretty obvious: I love an armoire. I think it stems from having a mother who has had a three decade love affair with an antique kas just like this (I think this might have even been made by the same cabinetmaker since hers has the exact same design -- although it doesn't have those bunn feet) that she bought just after I was born. And really, who could blame her? It's a fantastically-versatile piece of furniture that fits in any type of house (trust me, she's moved it from a Tudor to a stone farmhouse to a converted schoolhouse and it has worked everywhere), with any type of decor (as long as you've got the ceiling height and the wall space) and provides all kinds of storage ... all while looking like a gorgeous piece of sculpture.

So now that we've gotten that out on the table, and you understand that I'll probably be posting lots of wardrobes when I stumble upon them, let's discuss this week's find because it is p-r-e-t-t-y.

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Right? Sooo pretty. I love the versatility of antique scrubbed pine; it pairs with other pieces in a variety of finishes (from dark to light to painted) and I love that pieces like this can serve so many purposes: wardrobe, TV cabinet, craft closet, office storage... endless options. And with a price tag of only $200 (I'd offer $175 just because I love a good haggle) when they often get scooped up at prices like this? It's kind of a no-brainer. If you need storage and you have the room? You want this. You really, really want this.

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