Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Powder Room // My First Attempt at DIY (Wish me Luck)

I am not a big DIY girl. Which is a little strange because there are people in my family who can build pretty much anything. Stranger yet, my in-laws -- people to whom DIY is practically a foreign language -- think that I can do anything (though I'm guessing that this is primarily because I understand the difference between a phillips screwdriver and an allen wrench) and often have a list of "fixes" for me to do when we visit. I've always managed to figure it out on the fly but the though of circular saws and grout makes me verrrryyy nervous. I'm always so impressed by friends and fellow bloggers who just whip out their power tools and get to work but I've always been too uncertain to follow suit. But my novice status is about to chance because THIS is the current state of our powder room  (excuse the awful picture; it's really hard to get a shot of everything in a space this small)...


Ugh. Gross floor (yes, that's plywood under our new floor register; the HVAC guys got a little overly-enthusiastic when cutting in an opening and it was this or having our toddler fall into the basement in the midst of potty training), gross walls, ugly tile (seriously what did they think that random single border tile glued above the sink would accomplish? It's not even centered!!!), ugly fixtures ... just all-around ugly.

When we dig into the kitchen renovation next year, the area just outside this space will hopefully be tweaked (because really, a powder room with a door opening into the kitchen and directly adjacent to the fridge??? Ew.) into a mud room hallway with a bench & hooks by the side door and a deep closet outside the bathroom. The swing of this door will be switched (so that it swings in) but the powder room  itself will remain as-is so it can be tackled now before the rest of the work is done.

As soon as I decided that I was going to take on this tiny terror of a room, I started researching (read: scrolling through Pinterest for hours) and these images got my creative juices flowing...

// via //

// via //

powderroom wallpaper
// via //

// via //

// via //

I have always loved the idea of a bold wallpaper in a powder room and board and batten fits the age of our home so nicely (and there's the added bonus on not having to tile the area). And those floor tiles ... lurve.

I took a little bit of of inspiration from each of the images above and came up with something that I really love (if I do say so myself). I'll be back tomorrow to share the mood board and sources...

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