Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The DIY Powder Room (cont.) // The Moodboard

Yesterday, I shared pictures of the current state of our powder room (talk about baring your soul!) along with some inspiration images and today I'm back to share the mood board I've come up with for my very first big-girl DIY project. Gulp. Of all the inspiration images that I looked at trying to figure out our goals for the powder room, this one spoke to me the most.

powder room 6
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I like the height of the board & batten wainscoting and I love the geometric nature of the wallpaper and the subtlety of the details. Our space is tiny -- only 22 square feet! -- but I think that a design along these lines will really give it some presence. But I want to up the "glam" factor a little. So using this -- and all the others I shared yesterday -- as a jumping-off point, I came up with this...


Board and Batten: Well, this should be interesting. I'll be using several tutorials from various bloggers including this one. Currently trying to decided what height we'd like to use; I'm waffling between 48" and 60". I definitely want it on the higher side (see above re: wallpaper) but I don't want it to be too high. And don't worry, I've got my contractor on speed dial.

Trim Paint We've used Ben Moore's Dove White on all the trim in the hous; we'll continue it in here for consistency's sake.

Floating Shelves: We really want a console sink but we need some storage.This seems to be the only option we have (if anyone knows of another solution; let me know!)

Hand Soap: Have you tried this? It's from a gorgeous environmentally-focused Boston (and now DC) -based shop and it's AMAZING. You buy the bottle the first time around and then for less than $10, you can have it refilled. This stuff is phenomenal; it's so rich that my mom has actually used it as a hand-cream in a pinch. And the scents? Ah-maz-ing ... and I'm unlikely to use another. Ever.

Light Fixture: I love this fixture and think the mix of black and gold would look amazing in the space. But the scale of this one's a little too small (I'm looking for a little more drama) so I may use this an inspiration and tweak this one by spraying the exterior with black enamel.

Wallpaper: I love that this is removable; it makes it a little more forgiving for a DIY newbie like me. It's definitely bold but I think using it more sparingly in conjunction with the board & batten will keep it from being overwhelming (she's says hopefully). But the price point and the limited amount I need keep me from being scared off. I'm doing it ... and you can't stop me.

Mirror:  I love how the delicate lines of this vintage brass mirror would play off the graphic paper.  I may spend some time scouring antique shops trying to find one locally but I'm really tempted because it's hard to find these at a smaller scale and our powder room is so tiny that it can't handle something overscale.

Hot & Cold Faucet: I picked up a set similar to this on my last trip to Todd's Farm for a song. I'm hoping to use them in this space; I love the idea of mixing metals in here.

Floor Tile: I originally thought that I'd use something like this but with the bold repetitive pattern on the wallpaper, I decided less was more. I'm going back and forth between this polished version of the traditional hex tile and the honed finish. Part of me wants a little sparkle, part of me ... not so much.

Toilet: A pretty, small-scale toilet. Check.

Stepstool: Nothing fancy but kind of a necessity in our house at the moment with half of the clan standing at less than four feet tall.

Vanity: I Really wanted to use a console sink like this but we only have 24" and I can't find one at that size with the lower shelf. If anyone's found one somewhere, PLEASE let me know!

So ... what do you think? Am I crazy? Any tips on getting through something like this? Let me rephrase: Are there any experienced DIYers out there laughing at me yet?


  1. I love it. I personally would go for honed finish with the wallpaper, and grey grout.

    We have this stepstool in our powder room for our 3 yo, and it's great -

    (also, I think that you mean geometric, not geographic :) )

    1. Yes, that's definitely what I meant ... fixed now :)

      And thanks for the stepstool suggestion; that one's so sweet and simple! I was shocked how hard it was to find something that wasn't covered in a character or plastic!

  2. This was my favorite from the ones you posted yesterday. I especially love that mirror! I'm no DIYer but I have confidence that you can do it!