Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Let's Review: The Living Room Then and Now

I'm Baaa-accck!!

Whelp, it's official: moving with kids is the worst. I'd never done it before and I'm hoping to keep future moves to a minimum because ... OUCH. Of course, it didn't help that the new house was/is still in the midst of renovations and that my computer somehow died between me turning it off on the morning of the move and trying to turn it back on a couple days later when the internet was hooked up (let me tell you about something seriously *not* fun: trying to get an appointment at the Apple store. In September. In Boston ... the land of a million college students). But enough about the drama of the last few days: I have a new computer, we're slowly settling in as the rooms are completed. And we're all healthy. Life is good. Chaotic, but good.

I'm still catching up with life -- it's hard to stay on top of things when half of your stuff is still packed away in boxes -- but I thought I'd share some of the in-process updates around the house.

If you remember, the living room looked like this when we first saw the place way back in May...


As soon as we closed we stripped the wallpaper...


... ripped out the fireplace and radiators and installed central air (and modern electricity -- eureka!)...


... and had the floors stained and refinished.


Then we moved in (prepare yourself; my brain hurts just looking at this)...


... and *then* we had it painted. Yes, you read that right ... we moved in and are just now having it painted (it was the only way to get all the work done but trust me when I suggest that you should do everything in your power to avoid doing it this way)...

IMG_3842 2

...and here's where we are today.

FullSizeRender 2

It feels kind of awkward showing the room in it's current state -- a little bit like being caught in my undies or something -- since it's clearly nowhere near "complete" (is any room ever complete though??) but it's starting to feel a tiny bit like home so I'm sharing. 'Cause I'm brave like that (and I don't have my act together enough to have a "real" blog post ready to go today).

 The bamboo shades will be installed tomorrow and then we can start thinking about curtains and artwork. You know, the fun stuff.

With all the unfinished work aside, I am having a torrid affair with our new wall color (we have it on all the walls on the first floor and the on the second floor landing as well). We started with Benjamin Moore "Oystershell" but through a tiny error at the paint shop (one drop of "Diaphanous Red" didn't make it into our test quart) we discovered this gorgeous new hue. It's a really lovely grey ... still a color-shifter but a tad less blue than Oystershell. It's pretty fabulous if I do say so myself. Thank goodness for accidents!

I'll be back tomorrow showing some more of the new place ... stay tuned!

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