Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Currently Coveting // Gorongoza Park


I'm in the midst of pulling together a mood board for our powder room ... which I've decided to attempt as my first DIY. Wish me luck folks because it could get incredibly ugly, incredibly quickly. Happily, I've got my amazing handyman on back-up in case I royally screw anything up.

In the meantime, have you been watching the new series, Gorongoza Park: A Rebirth of Paradise on PBS? I just started and I am really into it. I am the only living member of my family who hasn't spent a substantial amount of time in Africa -- my mother has been there on several occassions over four decades and both of my brothers have lived in various countries on the continent. But for one reason or another, I've never been able to go for long enough to actually explore what's there. But guys ... after this show? I gotta find the time. I get it now; the reason the rest of my family seems to drawn to such a foreign and complex place: the people, the animals and the constantly changing realities for them both.

Soooo worth the watch.

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