Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Sputnik For the Foyer

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*** Sorry for yet another late post. It was our littlest's first day of school. She just slays me. ***

In the old house, with its 10+ ft. ceilings, I used vintage tole chandeliers from the 1940s-60s refinished in a glossy white in almost every room  and I loved (and still do!) their slightly cheeky take on the more formal Victorian style of the home.

The new house unfortunately doesn't have those soaring ceilings (8'-5" & 8'-0" respectively) so I've had to be much more careful with our lighting choices. But even without all the height, I wanted to add some drama to the entrance.

Enter the sputnik.

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I've had a thing for these saucy numbers for a while now. I love how malleable they are; they work with every possible style and always seem to play well with others. And they let everyone know that you don't take yourself too seriously.

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Once I'd decided to go the sputnik route, I had to find one that would work in our smallish foyer and wanted something with simplified lines that would fit with our 1920s home. And which wouldn't necessitate me selling my kidneys in order to afford it. I fell HARD for this version by Jonathan Adler and I loved this one from Arteriors but they were both sadly (way) out of my budget. So I took to etsy and...

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SCORE! Isn't it sweet in a punk sort of way? It's just big enough to have some presence but isn't too over-the-top for our space. Each one of these Petit Sputniks -- priced at $179! -- is handmade to order by a talented designer out of AZ.  And if this one isn't the perfect size for you, check out her shop because she has so many gorgeous options (I mean, this lamp? Le swoon). Can't wait to share the finished product; I think having it in place will make the house feel so much more like home.

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