Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Franco Albini Rattan Ottoman (for only $30!)

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Franco Albini's iconic rattan ottoman is a fixture in the styling circuit and is practically an imperative in those chic Parisian apartments that everyone (and their mother) lusts after. Its perfect scale, light silhouette and round shape make it a wonderful "finishing" piece in almost any setting so it's no surprise that they're in such high demand. I picked up a pair at an out-of-the-way consignment shop a few years ago and still consider the find one of my best; I remain more than a little obsessed with them with no end to the love affair in sight.

Given its chameleon-like qualities, I knew that I had to highlight this when it popped up on Craig's List yesterday.  It will work (and up the awesome factor) of almost any space I can think of and the $30 price is CRAZY low (case in point).

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This guy would be perfect in front of an armchair or a fireplace, tucked under a console table, placed in a corner or even hung on wall .... you name it, it will work and make you feel impossibly chic. And if it doesn't look "cozy" enough for you, pick up one of these (or its faux sibling), throw it over the top and call yourself crazy chic. Trust me.

PS -- If you love the look but don't live in Boston, these are a great substitute.

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