Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Loving Lately // Tramontina Cookware

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Things are continuing to move forward at the new house but we're on hold while waiting for some inspectors to head through and give the work their thumb's up. Then cement footings can be poured for the patio steps, th french doors can be finished and the walls can be closed up around the new wiring and heating/cooling duct work. And then the plaster and floor guys can start later this week ... hooray!

While we're waiting, we've been doing a lot of packing (blegh) and while working in the kitchen, I realized that I'd never shared a find that I'd always meant to...


When we got married almost nine years ago (side note: how the hell did that happen???), we did what pretty much every young couple does: we registered for a ton of expensive, high-quality cookware. Neither of us is a gourmet by  any means but my husband's family takes dinner very seriously and he's got that in his blood so we wanted products that would hold up to some abuse.

Fast forward to eight years of good maintenance but constant use and more than half of that "high-quality" stuff is failing/has failed. Not fun. We'd been shelling out and replacing items as needed but then last fall, on a trip up to Portsmouth, NH we discovered a new -- and very affordable -- brand made in Italy and the USA that we've really fallen for.

Tramontina USA's  products are made in their factory in Wisconsin (other products from the Tramontina consortium are made at facilities in Italy and Brazil) -- yay for things made in the USA -- and I really can't say enough about the quality of their stuff. The first product we bought was this 12" restaurant-grade natural aluminum fry pan. Priced at less than $40, this puppy is a great deal and is so useful (my husband and I fight over who gets to use it when we're both in the kitchen). The rubber grip is so useful, nothing sticks and it cleans easily and beautifully every time. And even better, it's available in hard-to-find 10" and 14" sizes.

If you've got an induction oven have sworn-off anything non-stick or need something that goes from stovetop to oven, they also have lines of ceramic, stainless steelcast iron cookware that have all gotten rave reviews pretty much everywhere I've found them online.

We're going to purchase a few more pieces for the new house so we don't have to pack anything past its usefulness but I'm having a really hard time deciding on what I want most. Any gourmets out there have ideas on which pieces would be the hardest workers in the kitchen?

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