Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Design Dilemna // Wooden Blinds or Bamboo Shades? (Read: HELP!)

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I have loved the look of 2" wooden blinds since I was tiny. We had them on almost every window in my childhood home and I always adored their classic elegance so when we moved into our current place (with its gloriously-high 9' ceilings) six years ago, I was determined to have them. We did a ton of online research to find the best prices and found these  (in a discontinued finish very similar to the "Distress Canyon"). We had the windows professionally measured and then snapped them up as soon as there was a sale (psst; there's a sale on through today so they're currently 20% off!). We've loved everything about them but particularly the fact that they allow you to go from letting in almost 100% light to complete privacy without having to use a liner (the struggle between me and liners? It's real ya'll).


I mean, just look at all that light pouring into Greta's room on a grey day!

Given how happy we've been with them, we thought we'd go with the same blinds throughout when we found the new house, (the OCD part of me just loves the uniform look of every window having the same look from the outside so I like to start with a foundation of uniform shades or blinds and build from there.) I mean, if it ain't broke, don't fix it ... right? But then, when I really started to accept the differences between the two houses -- one is a grand Queen Anne painted lady and one is a more modest cottage-style Four Square, I started to think that the window coverings in the new house should "up" the cozy and "down" the formality. And that's when I became slightly obsessed with the idea of using  bamboo shades.

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I love the the warmth that the color variations provide (my favorite styles tend to have a tortoiseshell quality about them) I really love the way they look when they're half-raised.  So we spent some time researching options We knew that we wanted:

  • Some semblance of the tortoiseshell effect
  • A smaller "stick" style
  • Nothing too light or too dark ... a "deepish" honey tone was our goal
  • A light filtering liner for the bedrooms
  • Up-down capability for the living and dining rooms
  • A relatively affordable price tag. 
We came up with two options from Home Depot (although I gave a long hard look at these from Lowe's because I LOVE the lighter color  ... they just didn't have all the bells and whistles we needed).

The first one is from Hampton Bay. It's the least expensive custom option that they carry (warning: you have to order the samples online; they don't have them in the stores) From the samples we got, we decided that "Malay Oak" would work best for us (although I found Java Oak very intriguing ... but they don't have samples. Womp, womp). The second is from Home Decorators and is included in the 20% off sale going on right now. Which actually makes them cheaper than the Hampton Bay version (along with an additional discount I would get for placing such a large order) with more options. But none of the options in the smaller stick style have the level of tortoiseshell that I like with a coordinating string color (I love the bamboo color in "Mokolua Sands" but I'm not crazy about the dark string). We've settled on "Mokolua Beach" which has a nice medium tone ... but it doesn't have the differentiation of color that I love so much.

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So dear readers, what do you think? Do you have bamboo blinds that you love? Hate? If so, which ones should I choose? Or should I just stick to what we have now.

Gah! It is so much easier for me to make decisions for the other people. Making them for myself is like some sort of awful water torture: Do I (drip)? Don't I (drop)? Do I (drip)...

I think the next two weeks might be my undoing.

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