Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Favorite Things // The Tangle Teezer

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I have the most annoying kind of hair: I have lots of it but it's really, really fine so it's constantly tangled ... and let's not even get started on the state of it when I get out of the bath; I think the screams can be heard for miles. And if that wasn't enough, my less-than-stellar hair genes have been passed down to my little guys. Until recently, the post-bath time routine in my house generally ended up sounding like the Spanish Inquisition as I tried to detangle their locks. It wasn't pretty. So when I heard about this brush, with its promise to brush out tangles without pain, I ordered it immediately.

Eureka! Combined with this (for me) or this (for the littles in my life), it's the perfect product (I still swear by this brush for blow-drying and this one for dry brushing). I can happily report that I'm no longer ripping out vast chunks of my hair when I brush it out after a shower and my kiddos have actually started to ask to have their hair brushed instead of screaming & running away from me at the prospect. My neighbors, let me assure you, are very, very happy.

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