Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Vintage Rattan Wingback

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I love vintage rattan furniture something fierce. Pieces generally have more refined silhouettes but the rattan keeps them from feeling stuffy; the exposed frame made from a natural material keeps them feeling fresh in almost any setting and the light shining through keeps anything from feeling heavy. And, best yet, since these pieces often have cushions rather than upholstery, they're much less expensive to reinvent than a traditional upholstered piece (probably around $100-150 including fabric if you've got a good upholstery source).

I'm certainly not the only one with a healthy appreciation for this style. Pieces like this vintage rattan wingback and ottoman (offered at a mere $2500) are very popular amongst designers because they can work in so many settings and generally don't last in vintage/antique/design shops very long.

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Given their popularity, I'm really kind of shocked that this lovely $75 version hasn't been snapped up already. It's in great shape (the cushions are covered in plastic for goodness sake!), it's a total steal. In fact, I'm really tempted to get it for myself.

If I bought it, I'd hightail the cushions over to my upholsterer and have them recovered in a very simple white sunbrella fabric. Then I'd pop it into the guest room inour new house,  throw a fabulous hmong, shibori or mud cloth pillow on it and then sit back and rejoice in the knowledge that I'd just scored and recovered a $1200 chair for less than $250.00

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