Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The New House // Movin' On Up (to the second floor "befores")

**Thanks to everyone for all the comments about painting the first floor woodwork yesterday. I'm going to give it another think before I pick up the brush. I'm not promising anything but I am considering possibly keeping the beams natural and just painting the rest (the base boards definitely need to be painted because the area where the chimney used to be will need to use new stock and there's no way we could match the current 90-year-old finish). I really appreciate the thoughts and insight; it's so easy to get stuck in your own bubble and lose all perspective with this sort of thing**

Yesterday, I posted pics of the current state (otherwise known as "before and changing fast") of the first floor of our new house. If you're back today, you're a glutton for punishment because I'm going to head on upstairs and show you the 2nd floor.

Cue the Jaws theme song.

After my photography gaff yesterday, I managed to grab a (albeit awful) picture of the foyer and beyond all the dust you can see the stairs on the right-hand side (don't mind the dude with the t-shirt turban; he's helping remove the chimney stack debris). The stairs are not nearly as grand as the ones in our current place but they're not hideous. We're hoping -- down the road of course -- to open up the stairs so that the full flight gets more natural light. It's my dream to be able to do a pared-down version of our existing gallery wall on it ... but only time (and budget) will tell.


Currently, when you reach the top of the stairs, there's a rather dark and narrow u-shaped corridor. One side of the hallway leads back to the large master bedroom which is thankfully relatively large -- especially for a house of this age...


...and to the right of the landing is the rest of the "u" which winds around to the other large bedroom which we'll be using as a guest room/play room (if you aren't already pitying our future guests, you should start right now).  Don't be confused by the sectional in this photo from an early walk-through; the seller used the room as her den...


That big white blob in the middle of the last two photos -- the thing essentially creating all the hallways, is that godforsaken chimney stack. Once it's removed, there will be an almost square landing with all the rooms off of it. I can't wait for the space to feel more open. And bright. And less like the corridors of an institution for the criminally insane. But I digress...

Like any good example of the style, our Little FourSquare That Could has a total of four corner bedrooms. And like many others I've seen, there are two larger ones and two smaller ones.  And by small, I mean microscopic.


The picture above encompasses the entirety of my little guy's future room. Wanna see his closet?


Don't laugh. Ok, laugh. It's pretty funny (read: pathetic ... it doesn't even have a rod). Yes, those are the plumbing pipes for the full bathroom on the other side of that wall. The long term goal -- once we've built a master suite on the 3rd floor -- is to have this room become the guest room. We plan on building a (modern!) closet where the head of the bed is located in the walk-through photo, closing off the existing closet and having a full wall-mounted access panel for the plumbing and to locate a full or queen bed in front of the access panel. In the meantime, my son just got the shaft. But he's getting bunk beds so he doesn't care.

The 4th bedroom -- future bedroom of our two-year-old daughter -- is to the left at the top of the stairs.


On the upside: it has an average-sized closet. On the downside: it also has a door leading to the attic.
The long-term plan is to have our kids move into the two larger bedrooms and to convert this space to a small den area with stairs leading up to the master suite. Fingers crossed.

Until that much-discussed master suite happens, this is going to be the master bedroom. How about that textured ceiling, eh?!?!


I'm trying to catch a case of ceiling blindness so I don't see those *^%$$*& troweled arcs every time I walk in and can instead focus on the fact that I won't have to share a closet with my husband (who -- while almost perfect in most ways --can destroy wardrobe organization in less than two minutes flat).

And finally, what second floor is complete without a bathroom. And do we ever have a bathroom!


Now, to give it some credit: it's kind of charming, the color's really not bad and it's got new tile. And yup, that's the original tub. And yup, it would make the world's coolest soaking tub (reminds me of this one from Rejuvenation). But as our only shower? It kind of blows.  I *hate* having to have curtains all the way around a tub (they stick to your legs while you're showering, they're hard to keep clean, etc.). Plus it's so big that the door bangs into it every time it's opened. We're hoping to overhaul this space as well. We'll likely go with a standard tiled tub/shower combo -- and some sorely lacking storage -- and hopefully move that bad boy up to the third floor suite where it can be used for nice long soaks. By me. And no one else.

So there you have it, the second floor of the new abode. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed that the word "abode" and the word "forbode" sound an awful-lot alike? Yeah, me neither ... 

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