Wednesday, July 8, 2015

File Under Someday // A Studio Space of My Own

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Having spent the past year and a half working at a desk that's less than 3'-0" long, I am apt to spend roughly half of my time at it daydreaming about having a real studio space. The thought of having room to spread out and look at plans, create boards, have client meetings and just putter about in a space that doesn't have toys strewn all over the place ... well, the idea makes me dizzy.

So when I came across this article in New York  highlighting the gorgeous new One King's Lane Studio space in Tribeca, I gasped out loud. OKL co-founder Susan Feldman and head designer Alexander Reid had built out my dream work space...

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It's perfect:  formal without being stuffy and filled with so much beautiful eye candy. And the way that the various styles and materials -- woods, metals, fabrics (most in glorious shades of indigo, everyone's favorite new neutral) -- meld together to create a beautifully-curated whole? Le swoon.

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Look at those beautiful white floors. Look at all of the natural light. Look at all that glorious stuff (all for sale, naturally.)

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I mean, couldn't you just die? I'd work for hours on end just to have the chance to stay in this wonderfully-curated space.

I want it all ... and I want it now.

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I'm a big fan of One King's Lane -- they carry such a HUGE variety of high quality items at really fair prices --  but I do understand how some people might fear making a mistake or find choosing the right items a little overwhelming; there are just so many options on the site. Feldman's idea to create a studio where customers could come in and get a free consultation from their staffers (and free shipping on any items purchased) is genius. If you've got a visit to NYC planned and need some help tracking down pieces to make your space feel more cohesive, consider setting up a free consultation at their Studio. And while you're there, please take a nap on that enormous sectional for me!

*** PS - This post isn't sponsored; I just love the space and I really like the concept. Yes, a business like this might take away a little work from designers but I think there's room for everyone at the table these days. ***

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