Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Currently Coveting // Farm Tables

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Ever since our offer was accepted on the new house, I've had farm tables on the brain. Our current dining room is in the turret portion of our living area so I bought a vintage round table for the space. That's worked well for the past six years but I'm so ready to have a dining space that will let us stretch out and host a larger gathering more comfortably!

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I've been eyeing this gorgeous table for awhile now but seeing as it feels like we're hemorrhaging money at the moment (closing costs + immediate necessary renovations = no fun), that price tag isn't going to work. At all. Actually -- who am I kidding?? -- a $4800 price tag never would have worked (but a girl can dream, right?).

Like any self-respecting designer with a big hankering and a small budget, I took to the Web to track down some much more affordable options. Here are my current favorites at or under $1000 (and some wayyy under)...


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If these don't appeal to you but you're also suffering from  FTB (Farm Table Brain), there are TONS of other options out there. Search Craig's List regularly, hit up local estate sales, antique fairs (I'm thinking that I might need a trip to Brimfield in the fall), consignment shops, etc. This is the *best* time of year to find large pieces at great prices since the summer months are when people are most often in the process of moving and downsizing.

PS -- We close next week and I'll finally be able to share some photos ... can't believe that it's actually happening!


  1. Farm Table Brain, Doctor. My favorite internet designer diagnosed me. It's a thing and a farm table is the only cure for what ails me.

  2. Meghann Sullivan Van DornJuly 15, 2015 at 1:38 PM

    Ha! I wonder if insurance would cover the "medication"....

  3. Ha! I wonder if insurance would cover the "medication"....