Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Currently Coveting // Enamelware (bonus: it's on sale!)

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One of the things we're most excited about regarding the impending move is how much easier it will be to dine al fresco. After we close (this Friday!), we're going to be installing a patio in the backyard and will replace a dining room window with a pair of french doors so we can access our outdoor space easily. In our current home, we have to go down two flights of stairs to get outside so the idea of being able to just open a door and go is SO incredibly appealing!

You know what else we're excited about? Getting our kiddos used to clearing the table when we eat outdoors. After six years, we've about had it with feeling like short order cooks/servers/dish-people extraordinaire at meal times; the hubs and I want to be able to sit for 10 minutes after we finish and enjoy a glass of wine and some conversation that doesn't involve Star Wars, Legos or dolls with several life-threatening maladies! But since our littles are still so young (6 and 2.5), we knew that we needed to find dinnerware that was super-durable and a transportation method that made the process easier for them to handle.

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After eating at The Canteen in P-town a few weeks ago (sooo delicious), we had a light bulb moment: the restaurant uses enamelware to serve all their food; it's pretty, it's durable and it looks better with use.  After doing some online research, I found this service from Crate & Barrel -- on clearance at roughly 50% less than every other set I found!!! -- and bought in bulk. We got enough for a party of 8 with bowls, plates, platters and serving bowls as well as a metal basket to make it easier to carry items in and out for less than $150!

If you're looking for durable dinnerware, this set might be perfect for you. But if you're interested, act fast because it looks like stock is running low!

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