Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We Got a House, Cue the Panic

The new house is an American Foursquare; it's a larger version of this classic. (Image via)
I'm not sure if anyone clued in when I posted this last week, but our 7-month-long house search has finally come to an end ... HUZZAH! We lucked (quite literally) into a really sweet house with wonderfully-charming bones (same owners for four decades; they've maintained the 1929 house impeccably but haven't updated anything since 1983 so we really get to make it our own), lots of build-out potential (double-dormered attic = eventual master suite, high ceilings in basement = playroom if the budget allows) and, most importantly, it's in the neighborhood and school district we were hoping to be in.

The news that we got it certainly hasn't come without its challenges ... though given the crazy real estate market in the Boston area (and in the town we focused on in particular), I honestly never thought I'd write that. We were on cloud nine when we first got the news ... and then I called the school district to start registering Rett for kindergarten. See, we'd decided that one of the benefits of moving was to let our early-summer birthday boy have another year of kindergarten. It would give him more time to get comfortable with what he'd learned this year but more importantly, it would allow our super-anxious little guy to start fresh with other kids and would put him in a school where he already knew some people ... such a boon for someone who's terrified in new situations. Anyway, I called the school to start registering him only to find out that I couldn't even begin the process without the deed, some utility bills and a license showing our new address (read: end of July at the verrryyyy earliest). And oh, by the way, the kindergarten at the neighborhood elementary school is full.

Cue the panic.

I know it's not the end of the world. I know that it will all work out one way or another. And I know that we'll get through this in the same way that we got through the agonizing months-long realization that because of sheer bad luck during the school lottery process, we couldn't stay in our current home ... a place we love, had planned to be in for the long haul and located in the kind of neighborhood that dreams are made of. But wow, it's frustrating. For now, I'm choosing to focus on all the fun I get to have renovating the place (the living room, dining room and backyard, kitchen and bathrooms are all getting some attention in the next year with more planned down the road) and I'm just going to trust that the school thing will come together in the end. Because ... positivity ... right?!?!?!


  1. Congratulations! That's insane about registering for K - I lived in Needham, and all you need is a P&S. Where did you buy?

  2. Hi Sally- We bought in Milton. I guess it was the same there until
    recently ... apparently there's been *a lot* of fraud (people saying
    that they're moving into Milton and not actually moving) so they're
    hyper-vigilant. Figures they'd change things right before we move there.
    Womp womp.

  3. You are focused on the right things--things that you enjoy. The things you can't control? They're going to work out just fine. And the good news is that, in 10 years, the things they will remember about the things we stressed over (my boy is an anxious one, as well), are: "That kindergarten I went to...I believe we had a hamster in the room. And one time I saw a kid pick his nose and wipe it on the hamster's cage. That is all that I can recall." Happy home-making vibes to you!

  4. Milton is great! It will all work out. We have wonderful friends who live there, on Huntington Road. They are very happy with the schools.

  5. I just laughed so hard my iced coffee shot out of my nose! Thank you or that ... I needed it!!

  6. Fingers crossed Sally :) And I know Huntington Road (at this point, I think I've driven down every road in town while house hunting); that's a great part of Milton!