Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Bedside Tables

mismatchedbedside tables
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One of my favorite ways to add a sense of character to a bedroom is to use mismatched bedside tables. There's nothing wrong with buying a pair (and yes, it ensures that both sides of the bed have the same table height which makes lamp purchases easier) but there's an added level of thought and consideration in using two well-chosen units that really shows in the finished product.

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When trying to find pieces, I look for items that have similar heights (though a couple of well-placed coffee table book under a lamp can fix most height problems), nice proportions, at least a single drawer for storage and, finally, the ability to be painted so that the pieces can be united by color if the space demands it.

It can be hard -- and expensive -- to find the right balance between tables so when I came across these two tables on Craig's List this week, I knew I had to share them.


I love the juxtaposition between the clean, masculine lines of the Empire library table (a steal at $80) and the softer, more decorative feel of the French Regency side table (it's only $60!); they're decidedly different but both are classic silhouettes so they'd pair beautifully. If these were for my own home or for one of my clients, I would take my cue from the Regency two-door cabinet and paint the library table a glossy black and add a glass knob to the drawer front. With a little bit of elbow grease (and about $15 in supplies), you'd have a really stunning pair of bedside tables for less than than $175.

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