Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Opening Up the Kitchen

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About a year from now, once we've got a better idea of how we'll use the space at the new house, we're planning on gutting the circa 1980 kitchen, opening up the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and building a counter-height peninsula to serve as both more casual dining and as buffet space when we host more formal dinners in the dining room.

While I'd love to rip everything out right away (and avoid a summer living in construction), I believe that it's incredibly important to live in a space before implementing huge changes; what you think will be perfect upon move-in will often morph as you get into a daily routine in a new space. But that's not stopping me from starting to mentally plan the space out. Here are some of my favorite kitchen space incorporating a peninsula:

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 I adore the bookshelves on the side of this peninsula. My husband loves his cookbooks ... and I'd love to get them off our kitchen counter.

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The new kitchen is large (I'm currently scheming ways to tuck a little mud room onto one end of it) but not large enough to hold a peninsula AND an island. But wow, this sure is gorgeous!

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Again with the peninsula and island action. Sigh. But I do love the transom above this peninsula. If the wall between the kitchen and dining room is load bearing and the cost of creating a single ceiling plane proves to be too expensive, this would be a clever way to save some money...

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I really like the custom-turned post on this peninsula. I'm not sure if something this decorative is for me (I tend to sway towards more simplified farmhouse-style details) ... but I do like it. And I love the dog (all pictures are better with a dog IMO).

So ... has anyone tackled a project like this? Any tips appreciated!

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