Tuesday, June 30, 2015

House Tour // Our Current Home (It's so hard to say goodbye)


I shared the image above on my Instagram account last week but in case you missed it, I finally got around to having our current place photographed. As you do right before you move (Face? Meet palm). Le sigh ... no one's ever mistaken me for a genius.

Anyway, I'm so happy to finally be able to share our current space with everyone and am so grateful to Justin Anfuso for taking such great photos of our home (it was a "quickie" job done mostly for rental purposes but I think Justin did such a great job capturing the overall feel of the space). So without further ado, here's the first floor of our current home (I'll be posting images of our second floor tomorrow so be sure to check back). I'll try to share all the interesting bits but if you have a particular question (i.e.: What's that paint color? Where did you find that? Is that really a tub on your living room wall? etc.), feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Our current home is the top two floors of a turn-of-the-century Victorian. We had always planned on converting the whole building back to a single family (it was converted in the 1940s) but well, life happens. So we'll be renting out both units when we move a few miles down the road in a couple of months. 


To enter our home, you walk up the old formal staircase (we have a second staircase in the back as well which would have been the old servants' staircase. It's unheated and I'm just going to say it: people were *awful* to their servants back in the day); we've created a "family gallery wall" going the entire way up. It's one of my favorite things in the house and I'm going to miss it tremendously when we move. Our kids love to stop and stare at images of their ancestors ... and I love seeing the family blend together on my way up and down ... though there are is a painting from my husband's side that creeps. me. out. It's of a little boy and his last name is Manson (gah!) and I SWEAR his eyes follow you. I love/hate him HARD.


Once you reach the top of the steps, there's a large foyer space where we drop our bags, put on our shoes and coats, etc. There's a funny little wall between the kitchen and the guest room where I've placed one of my treasures. It's an early 19th-century portrait of a woman who wears such a great Mona Lisa smile. She was purchased by my mother before I was born (it was my mother's first "big" antique and she loves that thing ... I'm very lucky to have it) and while no one has any idea who she is, she's always been a part of my life. She hung in the dining room in the home I grew up in and I spent many meals looking at her and wondering about her story. She's fabulous. And I call her Lucy.


Our living room/dining room/play room is directly off our foyer. When we moved in, this space was made up of two rooms but we (ahem, I) knew immediately that we were going to blow the wall out and make it one large living space. And I'm so glad we did. It's the perfect size to allow for three distinct areas: living, playing, dining. And it gets the most amazing afternoon light. Like, blow your mind light (of course, the day we photographed there was a Nor'easter passing through). That leggy mid-century credenza holds all the kids toys and the Heriz there in the middle (I found it on eBay and it's gorgeous) is usually covered in them until clean-up time.


That desk is one of my favorite things: it's an old chopping block that my hubby bought for me ages ago at an antique shop when we lived in DC. It's *very* rough (ax marks litter the top) so we had a pieces of glass cut to cover it and it's been my tiny home office for almost 12 years now. While I long for a space that would let me spread out a little more, I adore this piece. It's folk at its finest.

The mid-century credenza-turned-media center is one of my favorite CL finds ever: it was $100 and I love everything about it: the perfectly-aged walnut finish, the caning in the doors, the brass hardware. One side is in rough shape though so who knows; it could get a new look at the new house.

I get asked a lot about our chandeliers. They are all vintage pieces that I found on Craig's List, eBay. etc. and were all under $100. Once I got them all in hand (took me about 5 monthsto collect them all), I sprayed them white and had them rewired. I love them SO much and am currently trying to decide if we're taking some with us or not.


In all honesty, I despise our couch. Wait, let me back up: I love the lines of our sofa but I HATE the color. And yes, I chose it (hiding head in hands). And yet, it's survived 6 years of HARD use with kiddos so I should probably applaud it but ... gah with that color!

Our coffee table on the other hand, is a favorite find: I scooped it up off the curb while I was visiting my mom in Pennsylvania about 10 years ago. When I saw it, I recognized that it had really great lines -- it's got the sweetest little hand-turned bunn feet --  even though it was covered in nasty brown paint. I double-checked with the owners to make sure that they were really ready to throw it out and they told me that they were indeed throwing it out and then told me that it was the trunk their great-great grandparents had carried with them when they came to the States. Wait ... what???? People amaze me.


Yup, that's a zinc bath tub. On my living room wall. Found it for $45 at a local antiques store. Love it to death. And yes, those are electrical cords that I forgot to move for the shot. Moving on...


I'm not going to lie; I'm totally over our mid-century-meets-Hollywood-regency dining table and chairs that I picked up on CL for $150 and can't wait to do something different at the new house. But it's built like a tank and it fits our dining room turret space perfectly.

As for the "artwork"; those are hand-carved advertising wood blocks from an old print shop in Buffalo; I found them at a garage sale while in the city for a wedding. I love them. They are awesome (the posters made from the blocks promoted 1920s-30s back to school sales, a circus coming to town, a dance event, etc). Enough said.


So ... our kitchen. I don't love it. We always thought that it would eventually become our master closet and bath so never really invested in it other than paint. It's all the builder-grade finishes that the were here when we bought the place -- but there are lots of happy memories in this space.


More importantly: chalk board paint is awesome.

The last space that I'm going to share on our first floor is our guest bedroom which currently serves as the master since our two-year-old has taken over the master suite.


I found the vintage painting above the bed at a local thrift shop. I thought the scene looked familiar and turned it over to discover that it's a painting of the upstate NY lake that the college my hubby and I attended (and met at) sits on. That my friends? It's called fate. Also ... it is actually centered over the bed (something wonky with the camera angle there).

Actually, pretty much everything in this room was inherited, thrifted, bought on eBay or at an estate sale or purchased on super sale; I'd say we've got no more than $400 put in this space (mattress and boxspring not withstanding) and I love it. And don't mind all the electrical cords everywhere; someday I'll remember to take care of those before a shoot.


So there you have it; half of our current house.  Be sure to check back tomorrow because I'll be sharing images of the second floor bedrooms...

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