Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Currently Coveting // Gorgeous Organization Essentials from Target


For the past couple of weeks, I've been nothing short of obsessed with staying organized. It might have something to do with the stress of house-hunting and trying to get our current place super-organized so we'll be ready to show it to potential renters (starting next month -- eek!) but for whatever reason, when I'm out and about, I find myself practically salivating over attractive storage solutions. When I popped into Target over the weekend to pick up some supplies for Greta (she had a nasty 12-hour flu thing ... 2 days after her brother came down with strep. It was an awesome weekend, let me tell you.), I was really impressed with the selection ... and snapped up several of these.

Here's a round-up of the favorite bits I found. All are gorgeous and all are under $20:
  1. Acrylic Serving Tray: $16.99 I bought this to replace a vintage one that had cracked. Such a great way to corral things on the coffee table.
  2.  Faceted Gold Detail Bowl: $17.99 I love to have a dish by my bedside so I can take my rings off without losing them. I'll be purchasing this one for sure.
  3.  Rhino Letter Sorter: $9.99 How cute is this?? Perfect for some desktop organization
  4. Gold Desktop Organizer: $14.99 This is 80s glam in all the right ways. Perfect for pencils, makeup brushes ... whatever
  5. Antique Pewter & Copper Metal Storage Bin: $19.99 Umm, yes. Definitely yes.
  6. Decorative Glass Storage Box: $14.99 Such a gorgeous way to house jewelry. I want two.
  7. Clear Acrylic Letter Tray: $6.99 A few of these would definitely help me keep my storage closet in much better shape.
  8. Prism Vase: $19.99 I love the look of this piece; wouldn't it be such a great way to hold kitchen utenstils?
  9. Gold Ceramic Whale Dish: $14.99 Could this be any more sweet? I doubt it. Such a great way to corral all of my daughter's barrettes...
*** PS -- Nope, Target's not sponsoring these posts; I've just been really impressed with what I've seen lately (and am apparently going through a white phase). ***

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