Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Which Would You Rather // An Eclectic Mix In the City or Rustic Modern In the Country?

Ahhh, the many joys of house hunting. We put a bid in on a house last week. It had great bones but MAN, it needed a TON of work (the same family had been in it for over 50 years and they were pack rats. As in storing clothing and household items in the bath tubs. It was, in all honesty, teetering on a hoarding situation). Still, we liked the idea of being able to make it our own and LOVED the location. But, in the end, we were outbid. Yay.  Sigh.

In an effort to drown my sorrows after we got the word,  I let myself fall headfirst into the rabbit hole that is my Bloglovin' feed and spent several hours "touring" houses across the country.  And you know what I realized? Who needs a real house when you can just live in an imaginary house in an imaginary town with an imaginary income?

Over the course of the past couple of days, I've whittled my imaginary house options down to two but now I have another dilemma ... which one's my favorite?  Which one should I put my imaginary down payment on? Which one should my imaginary moving company to pull up to?  The vintage eclectic in the city? Or the rustic modern farmhouse?

They both have amazing light. For example, this is insanely perfect...

// vintage eclectic //
...but then there's this. Awesome...
// rustic farmhouse //
They both have fabulous spaces just for hanging out. Like this...
// rustic farmhouse //
and this (side note: that chair is like my soul sister in upholstery form)...

// vintage eclectic //
God knows, I have a think for great wallpaper in the powder room. And both "my" homes have them. Love this; so elegant ...

// vintage eclectic //

but then I love how bold this black & white  buffalo check is. Such a great modern nod to the traditional...

// vintage eclectic //
I am so in love with this kitchen (I would have five friends over for cocktails every night. As you do when you have a kitchen like this . I'm sure that babysitters appear out of thin air on request)...

// vintage eclectic //
...but then, this living room had me at hello. Le swoon...

living room
// vintage eclectic //

So I leave it to you guys ... which one do you guys prefer?

PS -- I think we can all agree that this god-awful house-hunting process is making me lose my damn mind. So bear with me ... I promise to deal with reality again someday soon. In the meantime, feel free to join in the crazy!

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