Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Marcel Breuer's "Cesca" Style Counter Stools

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I've had a soft spot for the Marcel Breuer "Cesca" stool in the picture above for roughly 30 years. I had a childhood friend who had them in her home and I had a total furniture crush on them (am I the only one who had crushes on other people's furniture? If so, please ignore last comment) and the feeling really hasn't changed in the past three decades. They're just wonderfully simple with their clean lines, beautiful proportions and gorgeous sight lines; I can think of few other bar stools that have really stood the test of time the way that these guys have.

Given my slight obsession with the style, when this set of four in the style of the classic and at counter-height popped on Craig's List this week for $250 (that's only $62.50/stool!!!), I knew that I had to highlight them. Now, I can't be sure that these are the real deal but they sure look like quality pieces of furniture to me and even if they're not the real deal, they're a steal. Here's a so-so knock-off version priced at $195/stool; see? Told you.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to hoard these for myself but I'm trying to be super-zen over here ... freaking out about not being able to find a place over 1400 SF that's in the neighborhood we want before the next school year? Nope, not me {{insert maniacal laugh}}.OM.

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