Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // French Regency China Cabinet

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If you haven't figured out that I have soft spot for anything in the Hollywood Regency style, then you haven't been reading this blog very carefully. I'm not sure what it is about the period that I find so appealing -- I've yet to see Hollywood and have only passed through Palm Beach -- but every time something pop's up on Craig's List from the era, I'm essentially lost in daydreams of palm trees and bright green lattice wallpaper (if you get that reference, you clearly love it in all its uber-preppy goodness too).

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Given my proclivity for the style, it probably comes as no surprise that I'm opting to highlight this well-priced gem of a china cabinet. The lines are gorgeous and that $75 price tag is insane. I mean, take a look at the prices items from the period command on on One King's Lane & Chairish; right? It's a crazy-good deal!

Yes, it does apparently have  doors that stick but that's most likely an easy fix with a $20 planer from Home Depot and some touch-up paint. And once that's done you've got a fabulous piece for your entryway or dining room or kitchen or bathroom or hallway or ... wherever your Jackie-O loving, Lilly Pulitzer-obsessed self can think to put it.

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