Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Currently Coveting // Brick Flooring

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The picture above reminds me so much of the kitchen in my childhood home (except that my father refused to let me paint the natural cabinetry white ... guess he didn't trust an 8-year-old with a paint brush). It was an 18th century stone farmhouse in Pennsylvania -- we had the original land deed; it was granted to the widow of a Revolutionary soldier *so cool* -- and the kitchen had two of my favorite details: a dutch door and brick floors. I loved both elements (trust me when I say that here's nothing cuter than watching your Jack Russell try to jump high enough to see over the bottom of a dutch door); they make a home feel so warm and inviting ... and neither will *ever* go out of style.

Since we've yet to find a real house, I've been ogling these beautiful spaces and dreaming of the day that I can think about putting some brick into my own home.

The soft patina on this floor is so perfectly-imperfect that I kinda want to cry (and don't get me started on the beams)...
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Umm, yes please...

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An office all my own? AND brick floors? I'll take two please...

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A mud room. With brick floors. In a herringbone pattern. My love has no bounds...
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Oh, HELL yes (that goes for everything in this shot, right down to the plants)...
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I am loving the elongated shape of this style of brick. I am more than a little obsessed with those pocket sliders; all kinds of awesome there...
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OK, back to reality ... which currently consists of checking my email every two minutes to see if any new houses have hit the market. Fun times, fun times.

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