Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Vintage Stoneware Planter

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Large and attractive pots for planters are one of the hardest things to come by. The options always seem to be either super-generic, incredibly expensive or just plain ugly. So when I came across this for $50 on Craig's List I knew I had to highlight this week.

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I was raised with these stoneware crocks; my mother had a collection that could be found all over the house I grew up in -- and I've had a love of them ever since. Paired with a Fiddle Leaf Fig or a Meyer Lemon tree, they become a piece of sculpture that works with any style.

If you love the look of these but need something a little smaller, this one would be perfect.

*** PS -- Have a little one to shop for? This horse-shaped rocker has mid-century awesomeness written all over it and this sweet caned version has vintage charm in spades. ***

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