Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Vintage Brass Lined Tea Table (& An Online Bargain)

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I'm in the process of trying to track down a smallish coffee table for a client which is proving to be much harder than first expected (when you're looking for these things, they never pop up. I will, however, find roughly 7,599 workable options the day after we finally find the one that works for them). This one won't work for them -- they have three small children and this table will be going into their family room; lovely as this is, those dainty lines won't hold up to three young scamps -- but the lines are so lovely, the details so sweet and the price so phenomenal that I knew that I had to share it for this week's Thrifted Thursday.

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I mean ... right? So pretty. Like that annoyingly-leggy girl with the sweetest personality and the greatest wardrobe back in college. You want to hate her but you can't help but love her. And at $125? What's not to love...

Buyit, buyit, buyit, buyit, buyit......

PS --  I also wanted to share a great find available nationwide and online. I am a firm believer that everything on a table looks better served in white so when I ran across a set of sturdy gorgeous white serving bowls on sale a few days ago, I snapped them up (in small, medium and large). I am totally in love and have been reaching for them over my collection of bowls from Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma. They're well-made, classic and will fit with any decor. And they're versatile as all get-out; right after I purchased them, the ever on-point Emily Henderson used them as centerpiece containers at a spring blogger event ... so sweet!

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