Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Pair of Faux Bamboo Brass Etageres

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When I saw this pair of vintage brass etageres pop up, I literally gasped. I have *always* wanted a pair of these -- I've been trolling Craig's List looking for them for over 2 years -- and at $200 per unit??? And in this condition? It's taking every single fiber of my being not to pick these up. But since we're not sure where we're going to be living in a few months, I've promised myself not to buy any large items.
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But it's killing me people, killing me.

If you have the room -- and share my love of the Regency style -- you absolutely NEED these. Let me repeat that: NEED. Having a pair of these in your house is akin to having found the perfect pair of jeans. Twice. Which is why people pay prices like this for them.

PS -- If you love the look but aren't in the Boston area, consider a pair of these. Great lines and a great price point (and bonus: no glass if you're worried about little ones). I've sourced them for a client (she's waiting until they go back on sale at 20% off; we're hoping that's going to happen around graduation time).

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  1. Love these! Where, oh where, can I put them??