Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Look For Less // A Gorgeous Outdoor Room

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I am so ready for warm weather, alfresco living and cocktails outside that it almost hurts. Over the weekend, I managed to spend almost three hours lost in beautiful images of outdoor lounge spaces while my little ones napped and while there were so many beautiful spaces to choose from, I kept coming back to the one above. It's just such a gorgeous space -- the shady magnolia tree alone -- and I'd happily pop out, buy it all and install it on my make-believe terrace at my make-believe house estate.

Screeeeech ... dream-smashed. Those are Janus et Cie lounge pieces and a single one would blow my entire real-life budget. I'm all for investing in high-quality furniture but sadly, it's going to be awhile before we can drop $1600 on a chair (very, very sadly).

Instead of giving up on the idea altogether, I started to dig around a little online and came up with this slightly darker and more muted version of the (p)inspiration image (because honestly, the bright turquoise would start to bug me after a couple of months). I think it came together really nicely and looks much more expensive than the $1300 price tag (which could go down if I opt to wait and snatch things up as they come on sale in the next couple of weeks).

I'm planning on placing four wicker chairs around the coffee table (that I'll swap out that out for a fire-pit we've already got on hand) and will keep the poufs on hand for additional seating. The the solar &battery-powered lighting will do a great job of extending our evenings (we don't have any exterior lighting at the moment),  the potting bench will make an awesome outdoor bar cart  -- I'll add a towel bar to one side and will use another tray to store glass & dinnerware on the bottom shelf -- and those planters are going to be filled with our favorite flowers  & herbs just as soon as it gets warm enough to plant things.


Lounge Chair Cushion: $12.99 x 4 = $51.96

Lumbar Pillow: $20.00 x 4 = 80.00

Outdoor Bar/Potting Bench: $159.99 x 1 = $159.99

Galvanized Tray: $19.95 x 1 = $19.95

Large Lantern with LED Candle:  $24.99 x 2 = $49.98

Solar Paper Lantern: $9.99 x 3 = $29.97

 Fringed Napkin Set (set of 4):  $19.95 x 1 = $19.95

Acrylic Tumbler (set of 2):  $5.98 x 2 =$11.96

Outdoor Fabric Pouf:  $39.99 x 2 = $79.98

Wicker Lounge Chair:  $119.99 x 4 = $479.96

Coffee Table:  $199.95 x 1 = $199.95

12" Lime Green Planter: $19.99 x 2 = $39.98

16" Blue Resin Planter: $39.99 x 2 = $79.98

GRAND TOTAL: $1,303.61
(not including taxes &shipping)

After the winter that most of the East Coast has endured (and the Facebook & Instagram posts that all those on West Coast had to wade through), we've all earned some quality time on the deck/patio/terrace ... here's to hoping the weather gets warm SOON!

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  1. Tea with Jam and BreadApril 8, 2015 at 10:03 PM

    You seriously speak my language! I love how you find things that look high-end but on a real person's budget. Thank you! This post got me so excited to add some life to our backyard deck.