Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Currently Coveting // Window Boxes

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Of all the things we've done to our house since purchasing it nearly six years ago, I feel like adding  two large window boxes to our bay windows on the first and second floors has been one of the most effective ways that we've increased our curb appeal.

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I have had so much of fun planning (and planting) container gardens in them in the spring, fall and before the holidays and plan on installing more where ever we land next. I'm still planning on doing ones for the current house since we're keeping it and renting the units out. I'll be referring to this article I found on Pinterest for what to buy this year once plants actually start coming in -- all the snow has slowed everything down around here and the plants are just starting to arrive at the nurseries.

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While this no maintenance box style is  available in other colors, I adore the drama that the black version provides. And while they're definitely an investment, the fact that it's essentially a one-and-done cost makes them more than worth the initial financial output if you can swing it.

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If you've got a tight budget, I think these are another fantastic option at a fraction of the price (just be prepared to spray paint them every couple of years).

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Such a gorgeous, classic look. 

Sidenote: None of these pictures are of our own boxes. While we had great success with our boxes last year, I managed to forget to take a picture the entire season. Yeah, that. Oops. 

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