Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Currently Coveting // Over-Scaled Wallpaper

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I have a secret addiction ... over-scaled wallpaper. I could stare research it, stare googly-eyed at it and daydream about it for HOURS. I can assure you that this isn't an exaggeration because I've done it before. On multiple occasions. Total and complete addition...

I have a special affinity for the ones that take a traditional pattern and enlarge the scale. It's just so fresh ...

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and wee bit cheeky...

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...but still refined.

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No words beyond LOVE.

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Double love.

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These papers can be used in pretty much any space in the house. The bedroom...

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...the foyer...

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...the bathroom...

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... even the closet.

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The possibilities are, quite literally, endless.

One of the things that I'm looking forward to most when/if we move (if a house *ever* comes on the market that will work for us. Which is seeming less and less likely ... starting the realize just how picky I am) is having the chance to use one of these beauties in a powder room. I just love the idea of having something so big and bold in what will almost undoubtedly be a small space.

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Just. So. Dramatic. Like the emotional roller-coaster that was me in high-school. Except not covered in post weep-fest snot (anyone else remember those?!? My poor family...) and safely ensconced on a wall.
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But since we'll likely be on a tight budget, I'm also thinking about trying my hand at using an over-sized stencil. Not only are these a little more wallet- and kid- friendly (though apparently they can be time guzzlers), they're also much easier to change out when/if you get bored (which tends to happen if you're me) because it's just a matter of a light sand and fresh paint.

There are some really fabulous large-scale stencil options out there. I love this option in case I decide a whole room is too much (but need some over-scaled art)...

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And while I, like pretty much every other designer out there, love this wallpaper ...

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... this determined blogger managed to get a similarly happy=meets-b(g)old look using a stencil. I think it's lovely...

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And this? I die...

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I also love these. They're more subdued and just so classic...

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 ... and timeless.

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So ... what are your thoughts: love it? Hate it? Done it and wish you hadn't? Tried your hand at a stencil and thought your fingers would fall off and your eyeballs would definitely fall out? I need some feedback on this one before I start the inevitable 4 month slow-sell on the hubby...


  1. Kelly Potter ScottApril 21, 2015 at 3:23 PM

    I love these, especially the 5th one down. So vintage and pretty! I can't bring myself to do something like this in my house, but I love to look at the pictures. Maybe I will do the inside of my closet?!

  2. That's one of my favorites too Kelly ... and yes, the inside of your
    closet (or even that back of a glass-front cabinet) is a *great* place
    to use these...definitely share pictures if you opt to go for it!