Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Pair of Hollywood Glam Vintage Caned Barrel Chairs

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I love me a good chair (and adore a pair if you haven't already caught on to that yet). And I love me a good barrel chair. And I love me some good caning on pretty much anything. Now, you put them all together and I'm in heaven so this week's Thrifted Thursday was pretty much a done deal as soon as I saw these guys ... regardless of the price.


And then I saw the price. Are you ready? Wait for it, wait for it, waaaiiiittt for it.....

They are $100. FOR. THE. PAIR. That is such a good price it's almost ridiculous (don't believe me? Check these out.) If I was buying these fantastically Hollywood glam, perfectly Palm Beach preppy gals for clients I'd have cushions made for the seat and a throw for the back (probably under $300 all in if you don't go nuts with the fabric) and have those puppies flanking a console table, fireplace or at the foot of a bed with a small table between in roughly five seconds. Good news for you that I don't have a client right now who needs something like that...

PS -- Need 4 and a game/breakfast table? Then check these out. Looking for something with a back cushion? Then how about these (please put these out of their misery and reupholster them!)... 


  1. Snatched up! Nice work, bargain huntresses! I came across that card table/chair combo a couple days ago and am considering pulling the trigger on it, but still trying to win manfriend's approval :/

  2. They're gone already? Hope it was one of my readerswho got them; they are gorgeous! Keeping working on that manfriend; I've found surprising my husband with a nice 6-pack of my his favorite beer makes him *much* more amenable to considering my finds :)