Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // A Mid-Century Walnut Dresser for less than $250

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There's a reason why mid-century bureaus are all over the place these days: they have clean lines that work with a myriad of styles, they include storage and they're just the right height to serve as a credenza, a dresser, a changing table or a media console (which is how we use the one we have). With all that said, sometimes the finish on these lovely pieces is less-than-ideal; too yellow, too red, too ... ick. But walnut? Walnut, my friends, is like the vanilla of the furniture finishes: it's classic, it's versatile, it's deliciously beautiful and its gets better with age. But those facts often mean that the walnut versions of these lovelies go for a lot more than their teak or oak cousins (if you don't believe me, check this out).
And that's why my chin practically hit the floor when I saw that this one -- with its beautiful agedbrass hardware -- was only $245 with curbside drop-off. You should read that again, just because it's so good: it's $245 with curbside drop-off.

You're welcome.

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