Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How To // Keep Your Fridge Organized

Full Fridg
 This is, sadly, not our fridge. Ours, while organized, is in desperate of a good cleaning.
If you find a spare 45 minutes somewhere, let me know ... okay? 

When we lived in our first condo on Capitol Hill in DC -- long before we had kids -- it was pretty easy to keep our fridge neat and tidy. We had one kind of bread for toast, sandwiches, etc. a bin of fruits and veggies, an enormous amount of stinky cheese on hand for impromptu gatherings, some milk, condiments, and maybe some leftovers. And beer and wine (lots of beer and wine). It was always easy to find what we were looking for and cleaning the fridge took roughly 30 minutes.

Enter children. And all their *stuff*. Dear God, after Rett arrived, our reefer started to resemble the black hole: there were 3-4 different kinds of bread, at least two different kinds of milk, left-overs, home-made baby food, packed lunches, snacks ... and waaaayyyy in the back, the few things in the fridge we could still call our own (generally a couple of beers and the vestiges of a bottle of white). It had gotten so bad that at one point, just after Greta had started eating solids,  I had to practically empty the fridge (while holding a 11-month-old) trying to find something. That's when I decided to do something about the mess. I grabbed some woven baskets of various sizes (mine were similar to these but I've found them for less at HomeGoods & Michael's) left over from our wedding out of a storage closet and organized our items into the baskets. All the bread went into one, yogurts went into another, fruit got one, veggies got another, snacks got one and all our cheese did as well.

OMG people, that little (and free) change has been LIFE CHANGING. Now if I need to find a particular type of bread, I just grab the bread basket. Need to find a snack? Snack basket. Veggies? You got it; pull out of the veggie basket. Put the baskets having to do with the little ones -- i.e. veggies, yogurt & fruit -- at the bottom and boom, self service snacks. And the best part? Cleaning the fridge. It used to take me forever just to empty the darn thing. Now I just remove a few baskets, wipe it all down, and replace (you'll note, however, that the picture up top is NOT my fridge --  I'm not that organized -- while cleaning the fridge is much easier ... finding the 30 minutes to do so just seems to get harder and harder. So our frozen work horse, while organized, does not look pretty at the moment).

So there's something I've learned that's helped me maintain sanity. Do you guys have any tips or tricks to staying organized? Would love to hear them (god knows our storage closet would)!

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