Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Small Bathroom, Small Mirrors

small bathroom mirror 1
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I'm in the midst of a fast-track bathroom renovation with the sweetest new client and I have to say, while it's been rather hectic (when I came on board, we had less than 6 hours to select in-stock tile and grout for the walls and floor before the contractor started), the space is coming together beautifully. I'm hoping that the homeowner will let me share before & after photos because it's going to be a *very* dramatic change for the better; so fingers crossed that I'll be able to share it with you guys.

The bathroom will serve as the only one for a soon-to-be family of four until a planned addition/renovation starts in 2-3 years and for the sake of the budget, no walls or plumbing will be moved. And, like many bathrooms in historic cottages, it's small. But the homeowners are, understandably, determined to have a unique double vanity (as you read this I'm most likely driving frantically from one from antique/thrift/junk shop to another trying to find a vintage dresser or sideboard that we can use as a vanity base) to better serve everyone. And since we're also dealing with low ceilings and have opted to add bead board and a plate rail to bring the currently straight-out-of-the-80s bathroom back to its early 20th-century roots, I'm trying to track down two small mirrors to serve each of the sinks.

So, like any good designer, I took to Pinterest for some good ole'-fashioned Pinspiration. Here's what I've found so far...

What a great use of a small space. Efficient, effective and attractive...
small bathroom mirror2
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Sadly, we don't  have the space for  60" vanity shown here to play with (we're working with 50"); but I love the scale of these two mirrors....

small bathroom mirror 4
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Maybe we should just forgo a mirror entirely??? Just Kidding ...
small bathroom mirror
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Unlike this gloriously high one, the ceiling in this bathroom is very low (i.e. picture low; then lower it a little) but a shorter version of these tall skinnies would be lovely...
small bathroom 8
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A little too much greige in this space for my liking but those rope mirrors are adorable!
small bathroom 6
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My guess is that, in the end, we'll opt to go with a single oval mirror. And I'm fine with that if it ends up looking like this...

small bathroom mirror 5
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If you're on the hunt for mirrors as well, check out these that I've tracked down...


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